Wednesday, 2 November 2011

carrot soup

Ingredients :-
 Carrots -3 Cups (peeled and sliced) 
 Milk -1 tea cup
 Potato-1(medium sized)
 Tomatoes -2
 Butter -2 tsp
 Garlic -2 tsp (peeled) 
 Salt and pepper to taste
-          Pressure cook carrot and potato with some water.
-          Boil tomatoes in the water to remove the skin. Remove the seeds also.
-          Make   a  puree of carrot , tomato and potato.
-          heat butter in a pan and add garlic and onions to this.
-          cook till tender. 
-          add prepared puree , milk , salt and pepper .
-          cook for some time.
-          garnish with mint leaves.
-          serve hot with bread sticks.


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