Saturday, 22 October 2011

bellam annam/rice pudding/payasam

Bellam annam/rice pudding/sweet pongal / paramannam is generally prepared as a prasad, i.e., naivedyam -offering to God.. It tastes sweet and contains ingredients like rice, sugar/jaggery, coconut pieces or moong daal. The sweetening agent in is traditionally jaggery, but sometimes sugar can be added. This gives white colour to pongal, but adding jaggery makes a darker brown coloured pongal.

This is my grandpa’s favorite dish. I still remember, when ever my mother wants something, she used to prepare this for my grandfather and that day she will be granted with all the things she asked for.. Wish he is there with us now.. this recipe is dedicated to my loving grandpa.

Ingredients :-

-          Basumati rice -1 cup
Milk - 4cups
Water-2 cups
grated jaggery-1cup
cashew nuts,raisins-1/4 cup
clarified butter/ghee-3 tsp
cardamom powder-1/4 tsp


-          first wash and drain the rice.

-          heat the ghee in a vessel  add raisins and cashews saute till they turned into golden color.

-          now add the drained rice, saute for few seconds.

-          add 2 cups of water  to the rice and cook until rice is soft.

-          Now add jaggery and cardamom powder ,stir well till the jaggery melts .

-          add  milk  stir well. cook about 2 to 5 mins and the texture become thick.

-          yummy paramannam is ready to serve.

     -milk should be added only after the rice  is done(soft) as it delays the cooking process.


Sandeep Reddy said...

its jus delicious ... dis is one of my fav:-)

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