Friday, 23 March 2012

Bread upma

This is an easy recipe for learners, bachelors. It come our aid when we are in rush.

Ingredients: -

Whole wheat bread-4slices

Onions-1cup (diced)

Tomato-1cup diced

Carrot (grated)-2tsp


For thadka:-

Mustard, jeera seeds-1/2tsp

Channa dal-1/2tsp


Salt –as per taste.

Dry chillis-2


Few curry leaves

Coriander leaves-for garnish.


Cut the bread slices into small pieces and keep aside.

In a pan/kadai heat oil.

Add the thadka ingredients like mustard seeds, when it starts to splutter add the remaining thadka ingredients (jeera,
Channa dal, curry leaves, dry chillies (broken into half) and fry till Channa dal turns light brown.

Garnish with coriander leaves Add chopped onions, carrot, tomatoes, hing one after the other and stir fry.

Add the bread pieces, salt and let it cook for 5 mins.

And serve hot.


This can be made more healthier by adding more vegetables of your choice like peas, beans...etc

Bread slices can be substituted by bread crumbs, dinner roll pieces etc.



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